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Crawling .
Wednesday, October 16, 2013 | 0 meooww[s]

Assalamualaikum .

Hah , sounds much better . It was 2013/10/16 and I was wasting my time with the hilarious Running Man and stuff while the SPM things are just around the corner . Heh , house is heaven and house is hell . Well , I was patiencely waiting for 27th Nov , the day of Biology , the day of freedom . Eoh , hell no . Seniors said Im going to miss the school stuff . Ayeee , Im not leaving yet but I already miss the school , my friends so yeah . 

Well actually , Im scared . Scared for the SPM . I scared if I cant do it *pale smile* I scared if I cant achieve the success that my family asked . Uhh , sad life . So , here I am . Writing to tell the people how small am I . Im not like the others who are directly answer the question after reading them . Im not . Beside I was the one who need to read them in three or four times (?) and leave the question for another question before answering it back . Im not the clever one , well I wished to be once but its hard *sigh* Geez . Im crawling , Im not running even at the last minutes . Pardon for my broken english ._.

Pray for me . Pray for my friends , and pray for my Valiant Generation 0913 .